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My name is Nina and I am on a mission to help and serve our communities, especially when it comes to our education system. I have wanted to go back to college, after my first attempt some 30 years ago, but now I am finally in a position to make it happen.

However, I do need assistance. Antioch University is an amazing opportunity, but when you are an adult returning to college it is not as easy to get scholarships, grants and even enough loans to cover the cost. Trust me, I am applying and will continue to be on the lookout for scholarships and grants, but since this back to school happened quickly I am in need of covering tuition, immediately.

With your assistance I will be able to dedicate to my studies, including a children’s book I am working on for a class project to eventually find an agent and publisher for presentation. This book, “The Sakura Kindness Project,” is full of diversity, a fabulous girl to root for and a journey full of culture and life challenges as a kid.

More to the point, your assistance will help me cover the cost of the first two or three quarters enabling me to get my teacher’s credentials as soon as possible. With college finances adding up these funds will help me stay on track to my goals as a future teacher and an author.

As I go about my journey, I will share via my blog and Instagram, twitter the adventure of a writer, runner and future teacher who would like nothing more than to bring a little love to the world and inspire our young and maybe even the old to go out and do the same. It really is never too late to give up on your dreams. I am very thankful to all those who choose to donate to my cause. I know there are many causes you can donate to, so I do not take your donation lightly.

As I have always done what I can to live the best life possible, please know I will continue to be a positive beacon to shine on others and motivate them to their dreams whether they are eight- years-old or 88 years old.

Help me fulfill my dreams by giving back to others and please stay tuned for future posts and videos on how the journey is going.

My wish list:
class books
class lunches
school transportation

Thank you again in advance for your donation.

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