Need Help Funding Home after Hit and Run Accident GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I was injured pretty bad in 2006 working as security officer for local hospital in Everett Washington.

I’ve had 6 operations to put me back together. I developed a nerve disorder call complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS.

It very painful disorder which has made impossible for me to work. And I just can’t get a break in 2014 as I was going one my many doctor appt.

I was hit head on by some who run a light. And had to have two more operations another neck and lower back. Which cause me alot of problems.

I am in chronic pain all the time even with be on morphine and other non-narcotic pain blockers.

My credit been destroy because of theses injuries.

I have chances to buy a home in Wyoming where I live now but just can’t get a head.

Every time I turn around I be hit with another bill my credit so bad I can’t get funded for a loan and can’t get ahead because I have so many bills.

I have to file bankruptcy and that will prevent me from getting a loan for several years.

I would love the help to buy this home on a owner contract I need 15,000 to put down the 20% I’ve had so hard the last 11 years.

Please find it your heart to help me thank you Steve