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Ronin media has gotten the exclusive rights to make a documentary about a woman known as “The Nazi Chick”. She left the nazimovement in Sweden in which she skyrocketed in ranks. But then as time went by, she wanted to leave it all. She wrote a bestselling book with the same title, but in this documentary we want to go a couple of steps further. She is really empowering women allover with her storythat can also be an inspiration allover in various other matters.

The funds will be used for covering expenses, such as traveling, camera- and light gear, housing and a fee to anna-Lena for participating, since this is a hot and dangerous topic.

It would be great to have this made as soon as possible, and our goal would be to release it before christmas.

The support would mean everything since this is an important issue, espcially since more and more are drawn to this kind of dangerous extremism. So Ronin Media will be grateful!

There cannot be words to describe the gratitude if we make this funding. Anna-Lena and Ronin Media has decided to grant a lecture on location of choice to anyone that sponsor with 10.000 SEK or more.