Move to Eugene for school

I am currently a homeless 18 year old trying to start back his life after being evicted from my mom’s house. I am going to school for psychology since it has been a passion of mine and I really need your help so I don’t live on the streets or what have you. I am trying my every effort by working and contributing towards this fund! I am a student who signed a lease thinking I would be getting help for my housing and my help backed out but I am willing to rely on anyone for a little bit. I am desperate to get help with my security deposit of 800. I will be in credit trouble if I do not pay for my house this house before the end of the month. I am registered for school and already had paid towards it so I cannot back out. Anything helps me I really would appreciate if someone helped every dollar helps! I will be moving for school. Please and thank you for all you kind souls who even come past this

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