Mental health rehabilitation GoFundME Campaign

Hi I am janie I suffer from mental illness Like chronic depression PTSD and extreme in anxiety. Luck hasn’t been on my side for me in years I also suffer from being legally blind a very rare eye disease called keratoconus on both my eyes. I don’t know what’s been going on with me lately but I have not been feeling myself recently I had a breakdown really bad that turned out by me cutting myself just so that I can feel pain instead of the one that hurt the worst in the inside and ended up being In a mental health hospital where I only stayed for 24 hours and had a rougher time in there then I did out here.

I have been bullied, been talked down to, I have been tormented, raped, I’ve been blamed for everything that goes wrong in other peoples lives and I seem to be stuck in a very black hole that I can’t seem to get out of. I have been a mental health outpatient for a little over 10 years and it still seems like nothing is working nothing is going right and I know this time around that I really really do need help or things can get a whole lot worse for me. There is a rehab center that helps people like me and to show me how to self heal but the problem is that I do not have the financial needs to be admitted. They don’t even take my Health insurance nor do my health insurance pay for rehab centers. Feel like this is my last resort because I don’t think I’m gonna make it the next time around. So I am asking everyone, anyone, someone to please help me help myself to get better because I want to get better and I need to get better.


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