Medical fundraiser for Steve Davis GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

My husband is an Army Ranger. He’s diabetic, has issues with blood clots, neuropathy and so on. Last year he developed an infection in his foot, became septic and had to be hospitalized. While in the hospital his kidney function decreased to the degree that he had to be placed on dialysis.
Well, when they released him he had to go to a nursing home for awhile for some rehab. His very first time at dialysis outside of the hospital, he had a heart attack, and they sent him out to a different hospital. He ended up with a quadruple bypass, artificial valve and a pacemaker. He continues with dialysis, now three days a week. Our income was limited before all of this, and things are just getting harder.
Hospital bills, medications, ambulance bills are just piling up.The stress of all these bills and no end in sight, is just overwhelming. I am asking for help with this financial dilemma, anything you can do to help will be a blessing. My husband is too proud to ask for help, so I’m asking for the both of us.
Thank you So much, and God Bless.

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