Magic Mirror GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

This phase of our campaign is to raise the needed funds to pay for programmers and application design.
These programmers will benefit from this campaign because it will provide the needed money to code and eventually upscale the design if needed.

These funds are needed by December 11th so we can move the prototype into a test environment.We are in the beginning stages of a long awaited idea that we are finally putting into action.

We currently lack the needed funds required to finance such a project as this so we are asking for any donations.
With your help, we will finalize a prototype.

My business partner and I are both Air Force Veterans and we strive to be the best at all we do..

to remain vigilant, trustworthy and true to our goals.
We are determined to show that we are real people with amazing ideas and dreams just like you.

What is the Magic Mirror?

The Magic Mirror is the cutting edge of technology.

The end result of this first version is a mirror that will make you wonder what you did without it.

The initial release will be a mirror approximately 14″ x 50″.

The mirror will have what resembles a web cam at the very top.

It works by standing in front of the motion detection, voice command enabled mirror and saying, “scan.”

The mirror will digitally scan you from head to toe.

Then, you turn around and it scans the back of you.

The mirror will then say, “scan complete.” At this point, when you turn back around and face the mirror, you can say, “magic,” and the image in the mirror becomes an image of you from behind.

However, it’s not just an image.

Now, everything you do in front of the mirror, is actually you backwards.
Imagine, how convenient this will be for men and women alike when they are trying on new clothes, or cutting their own hair.

The mirror is also Wi-Fi enabled and has the ability to take full body selfies without the use of your smart phone. These pictures and videos can also be shared directly from the mirror.

For obvious reasons, we can’t give specifics of the technology behind the “magic,”

however we will keep you up to date on our progress via daily posts.

Your participation in this campaign means the world to me and my business partner and is greatly appreciated.

To show our appreciation, we will award the first 100 people whom donate 20 dollars or more an official Magic Mirror T-shirt.

God Bless.


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