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So many people ask what could you do to help victims of the hundred year flood in Louisiana. Where thousands lost everything over a weekend. Well Im a flood victim but I like to call it a survivor of Denham Springs, La as many lives were lost during this devastating time. I have a 15 year old daughter.named Savannah. We managed to get resued by coast guard on Aug 11th from the roof of our home and brought to a safe shelter where we along with hundreds of families were brought. We were left with nothing but our clothes on our back. We had nothing. Ive managed to get us clothes back bc we must have that first. I struggle with disabilities so it makes it harder for me to recover. Now Im in need of a home & transportation furniture everything for a home as your home does & needs. Its was very devastating & something nobody had control over. But we can we do. It happen to the best of us. Even you. I never thought I would ever experience anything like it but I did. I don’t wish it on anyone. I would help as I do now for people knowing I have nothing myself. Its my heart. We all get blessings from Our God. He knows our hearts. Im not asking for much just whatever you can spare to a good cause god will bless you and yours. I hate asking & never ask for anything from anyone but on this one I have to be humble & ask for my blessings from anyone as we thank you dearly in advance. May god bless you for taking time to even read my story if you cant donate I understand & thank you still for your time in reading my story.

I will post updates of my vehicle & home to show what your gard earn money paid for. Thank you again