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Returning My Angel . After giving birth to a precious baby boy on September 3, 2017 , i became a mother . I took my son home and enjoyed everyday with him , he was my first so everything was new . Then on November 4 , 2017 his life was taken in a blink of an eye , it was time for bed so I laid him down in his crib after a feeding around 8:30pm . I woke up to check on Isaiah around 11:00 pm and then 2:00 am when I noticed he was in the same position as the first time I checked on him when I picked my baby up he was cold and I knew . I cried and cried and cried as I sat in the bed holding Isaiah and while calling law enforcements . When they got to my house Isaiah was pronounced dead as SIDS is the known factor , it’s what the coroner ruled his death to be . In this tragic time I ask that you donate anything to help cover expenses for a funeral for my Angel Isaiah J. Thank you so much .