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My name is Samuel and I am an entrepreneur and experimentalist with a small business start-up called:
A Listening Ear Today. We are currently a self-funded pre-revenue start-up with a one of a kind vision and goal. We are located in the San Francisco Bay area and we are newly registered with the state of California.

Because we are currently in the very early stages of this project, we are looking to raise $20000 for the following: Beginning Operational cost including website maintenance, promotional, legal, and business establishment costs.

We are also working on creating an easier platform and user-friendly interfaces such as an app on the android and apple market.


The need to network and socialize is very evident in our daily lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have a true listening ear when needed.

A Listening Ear Today will be providing a platform for anyone needing a private listener to share their heart and whatever they would like to talk about. No specific counsel or judgment will be provided. These services will be open to all with an initial free window and subsequent cost per minute per call.

Each contribution is greatly valued and very much appreciated as we provide together a much-needed service.

Thank you so much and help spread the work
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A Listening Ear Today