Life with an urostomy GoFundME Campaign

Cancer changed my life forever. I now wear urostomy bags stuck to my side due to losing my bladder to cancer. A new bladder is wanted, but very expensive. In the meantime, the bags are ridiculous. Very high priced, and only last two days.

Hello, I’m Joe Donahue. I’m the person people would call when they needed help with something. Now, I need the help.

Recently, stage 4 bladder cancer claimed both my bladder & prostate. Rebuilding a new bladder is too expensive, so I am forced to wear a bag adhered to my stomach for urine. These bags (urostomy wafers & pouches) are expensive & last only 2 days. They are disposable.

Not changing the bags regularly invites bacteria, infections are dangerous for me. My metabolism needs rebuilding from the cancer and the chemo and any infection could kill me.

I have lots to give back, when I’m better, I plan to give what I can to my community. Looking forward to being strong and helpful again!

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