Keeping our home for our Children GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

We are asking for help after struggling for the past year. Both my husband and myself have been trying to work several jobs but unfortunately the amount of hours we get and the pay checks don’t cover all the expenses of life plus trying to pay the debts. A year ago we both lost great jobs, and have had to settle for two part time jobs each, causing us to fall behind.

My husbands truck, which is how we make the most money, has broken down three times in the past year. All “minor” things, ie; brakes, rotors, brake lines, vacuum lines, hoses etc, but they add up. We have fallen behind on our mortgage, trying to keep up with other bills and everyday expenses with our three kids. Our three kids are the most important to us we have a 10yr old daughter, a 8yr old son, and our newest edition to our family a handsome baby boy who will be 4months old.

These funds would go directly to catching up on our mortgage so they can stop the active foreclosure and we can keep the home we’ve had for two years now, so our kids can grow up and keep this home as a stable place for them to say it was there childhood home. We live in a beautiful neighborhood far away from the city, with wonderful neighbors, whom have already helped us with home repairs and a flood.

My husband and myself are very independent and it truly breaks our hearts to have to ask for help because we are unable to do so ourselves. To get this help would truly mean the world to us, tho words can’t express how grateful we’d be for any help that we can get. We know we are not the only ones in life that struggle but bad luck always seems to strike when we are finally doing good. All we ask is for anyone who can help, to please help us keep our home.