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The mission of Total Body Fitness Training (TBFT) is to introduce effective health and wellness programs which provide an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle! Our company seeks to provide healthy role modeling and active participation in life changing opportunities. One of the goals of TBFT is to provide new health, wellness, and fitness experiences that can impact for a lifetime! Our innovative and educated staff provides “real world” exposure that will allow the youth/adults to gain new perspectives on the health world and their own education and potential growth.

This year we are heavily concentrating on youth that are plagued with the lack of knowledge, resources, and activities to help them live healthy lifestyles. Total Body Fitness Training is committed to providing different types of fun activities that keep youth active and learning what it means to be healthy inside and out. Teaching the youth allows us to get parents, friends, and families involved as we create a full circle of healthy life changes. With your help, we can provide positive outlets that will actually make a difference in today’s youth.

Your help will provide funds for site locations, transportation, supplies, travel expenses, and most importantly, other people who share the same passion for our youth and can commit precious time. Our program will also allow an opportunity for volunteer hours, experience, and future jobs for those who are passionate about youth and their health.

I thank you in advance for any support that you may lend. Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to help youth to accomplish goals that were once not obtainable.

Help spread the word!