Jovan and Jess’s Dream Wedding Fund GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

I signed up for this GoFundMe account to raise money for our dream wedding.

I’ve actually registered for it in secret from my fiancee Jovan.

We both work so hard each day to provide for our son and cover our day to day expenses, that it would seem impossible to set money aside for a wedding.

Our story is pretty backwards.
Jovan and I met in high school and became really close friends during that time.

We grew apart after graduation and went our separate ways.
We both attended CUNY schools and about 5 years later, rekindled our friendship again.
Before we knew it, we actually started dating and suddenly became pregnant in a few months! It was whirlwind relationship.

But, we were now friends who became parents all by the time we were 24 years old.
We became devoted to our little boy Justin and focused all of our efforts into raising him.

Living in NYC is quite expensive and especially when you have children.
Our dream would be to get married with a beautiful wedding and sort of seal the deal since we’ve covered everything else.

Any help that anyone could provide would be fantastic and we’d really appreciate it!

Thank you!


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