JoJo Children’s Book Gemille Moses GoFundME Campaign

I would like to publish a children’s book titled “ The little boy that was different.”The message within the book is amazing! A little boy skunk goes to a school full of rabbits. The main character, JoJo, was very smart in class but the young bunnies had a tough time accepting him.

One day during show and tell, JoJo brought in his pet rabbit and everyone was shocked. It turned out JoJo was not a bad kid, he simply smelled a little different. We have to teach our children to love one another no matter what their skin color or differences. It is important for all parents to be involved in their children’s lives in order to help establish a better future.

My dream is to publish this book and hope that it may be an inspiration to children. I have been a single mom for many years and providing for my daughter will always come first. If anyone can help me publish this book I would highly appreciate each donation provided. Thank you


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