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My husband and I are both Military and Tricare our insurance those not cover infertility treatment we are asking for assistance to help with the cost for In Vitro Fertilization



Upon returning from deployment in the fall of 2010 Rick proposed during a cruise to the Caribbean and we got married July 2011.33630822_1539204172726585_r.jpegOne of the happiest day of my life.

The first few cycles trying to conceive a baby was full of hope and excitement which turn into difficulties, and by the 4th year we got worried. There were pregnancy announcement all over the place like everyone we know was having a baby and we were always hoping to next.

Our doctor ordered tests for us. Our results came back normal except my hormones levels showed of a low ovarian reserve and recommended Timed intercourses because of my issues. We continued to try until were diagnosed as unexplained infertility.
I know in my heart is me.

We tried 2 cycles of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) which didn’t work and decided to take a break.

We later met with our doctors who recommended In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In November 2017 we agreed to pursue IVF.
The financial burden of IVF was very daunting for TRICARE our military insurance does NOT cover IVF or IVF medication. The desire to have a child has gotten stronger. Infertility is one of the hardest things we ever been through.

January 2018 we stated our first IVF journey with out of pocket cost of almost $ 20,000 we were ready. Everything was going well and when we learn our Beta (pregnancy test) was positive we were over the moon. At the first sonogram we found out we were expecting twins and no one was happier than us. However, our hearts would be broken in millions of pieces at the the second ultrasound when no heartbeat were detected and after several ultrasounds and second opinions later our doctors recommended a medical miscarriage which was done 5 March 2018.33630822_1539204760804616_r.jpegOur fertilized eggs

After giving ourselves some time to grieve the babies we lost, the babies we will never meet or hold or know if they was boys or girls. September 2018 we attempted IVF a second time again, we paid out out of pocket this time was a bit more expensive because the facility clinic had high reviews. Again everything were going well, my husband were surely a darling giving me all the injections even setting a timer on his phone as a reminders. We were sure we were going to have a baby this time.
They were perfect.

October 9th my blood test for pregnancy was negative and 10 th October was negative again. Our journey to have our baby were officially over. The heartbreak and defeat we feel is unimaginable, the pain we feel is unbearable but the desire to have a child with my husband is so strong, why cant we be bless with our child, we will be great parents, my husband will be an amazing father. I was at work when the nurse call to deliver the bad news and had to leave work immediately. In a few days I will gather myself, my pain and heartache and head back to work and pretend my world hasn’t fell apart. Right now with tears, in my eyes and trembling hands I am managing to try this in desperation for help.

We are so broke after exhausting all over savings plus taken out a loan we are out of options. My maternal strive is so strong we really want to have a child together.

Finances are the #1 barrier to treating infertility. Our first IVF was almost $20,000 and second was $23,000 out of pocket after anesthesia costs an prescription medication.

We are Soldiers in the Military we don’t have that kind of money. Donation will be going for our IVF treatment in Jan/Feb to help offset my medical and medicine expenses. Please help us have our baby.

No matter what amount you can give, everything helps. If you can’t financially right now, you can still help by sharing this page with family and friends through social media or email and through Prayer. We also believes in the power of prayers. Therefore, we ask that give in that away too. We would do anything to help a friend or stranger in need alike, and we hope you collectively do the same for us. Please help us and if you need to confirm our identity IM me. I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/Our-future-Riley-Baby-MeToo