Investment Fund CrowdFunding Exposure GoFundME

Ive been playing the Stock Market for a few years with limited but small successes. Its hard to make money if you dont have the money behind you for that moment when a quick decision could net you appreciable gains.

Im 57 and would like to become a Millionaire in my lifetime..and believe with just $50k I can achieve that goal.

Ive been on Disability Pension since 1998 for BiPolar Depression so earning the money or getting a Loan for it is impossible due to medications and lack of repayment Income.

If by chance a donor were to donate $10,000 in a Lump Sum Donation I would be willing to negotiate a repayment agreement should the Campaign reach its goal and I’ve increased my Trading account to a Balance over $200K

Im trying my best not to be greedy,just realistic in what I feel I will need to fulfill my Investments goal.

Wish me Luck <3

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