In Loving Memory of my parents GoFundME Campaign

This year has been a bad year for me…God called my Mommy (Linda Irene Hester) home on May 21st of this year and still grieving over the loss of my Mother on November 30th God called my Daddy (Lawrence Elmer Hester) home; I lost both my parents within 6 months apart…My heart is broken and it has left me with so much pain that I don’t think even time is going to heal.

They meant the world to me…With Christmas approaching and us having to lay Daddy to rest on December 5th and the pain of losing them both it is just making it so much harder for me to even get into the Christmas spirit this year…I look back on the times as I were growing up, we were poor and didn’t have much but my Mom and Dad provided for me and my sisters the best that they could and we were happy; My Mother stayed home and took care of us while Daddy worked to make sure we had food or whatever else we needed. They sacrificed their whole lives for us and you never once heard them complain or regret any of it, their love was unconditional.

They loved helping others and would do without themselves just to give to someone else that they felt needed it more than them. They had so much love in their hearts and they loved everyone.

The purpose of creating this page is because Mommy and Daddy didn’t have life insurance and it took all the money I had and a loan from a God sent friend to lay my Mother to rest (that I still need to repay); and we were so blessed to have someone anonymous to pay off my Daddy’s funeral expenses. My goal is to get enough contributions toward a down payment on a nice double headstone for their graves, those of you that were lucky enough to know them personally know how much they deserve this and so much more.

Please contribute if you can and all donations adds up so even the smallest donation is very much appreciated…If you cannot donate please share so I can reach my goal as to where I am able to do this one last final thing for my parents…Thank u so much in advance and God Bless you!

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