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Hurricane Harvey has done a lot of Damage to my Dads Home, vehicles and belongings. I made this campaign in the hopes of helping him rebuild his life. He had a lot of personal belonging that are not replaceable but it would be nice to raise enough to help him repair his home and vehicles. He needs to repair the roof, a couple walls and the floor. His car was flooded also and needs the interior deep cleaned from all the mud and water that got inside. We are unsure at the moment of the motor he will have to drain all the fluids in both his car and truck before we can see how much damage there is. He kept his life stored in the back of his box truck it is 26 feet and all his belongings are inside. It will have to be emptied and gone through to see if anything can be saved. Dad is on oxygen and also just had major neck surgery. He is not able to do these repairs himself he will have a long recovery from the surgery. His name is Tony Roberts and in the past he has always been the one to offer help to others and he has a hard time excepting help himself. And with your help we can give him a healthy environment to live in again, inside the walls and under the floor there is mold starting to grow and it is very unhealthy for him considering his health. He does not have any insurance on the RV, car or truck so the repairs are a big issue for him. I want to thank you in advance for any help you can give him. And remember to continue to pray for all the victims of Hurricane Harvey and now Hurricane Irma. My name is Kyle Roberts. Dads place is in Hitchcock in Galveston County. The funds raised will be used to repair his RV and make it livable again also to repair his car so he can get back and forth to his Doctors