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Introducing: the Prosthesis Holder for amputees!

Hi, I am a tri amputee. Meaning both legs and left arm have been amputated.
I have a prosthetic arm and legs. I have 2 friends who have been amputated below the knee and have prosthesis. ( What if you were an amputee?)

I dreamed up ,designed, and patented ;the Prosthesis Holder.
Mo To is; no more limbs on the floor.

No more legs falling over, or, arms you can’t reach from your chair, shower, bed, or even wheelchair. because one or both have fallen on the floor. truth is; what didn’t kill me not only made me stronger but, more caring and smarter. (Smarter because, I myself learned what an amputee goes through everyday). There are over 5 million amputees and 500 more everyday. Lets help them all! I truly believe if I hadn’t become an amputee, I may not of thought of other amputees.

What about you, do you think of others too?

Proudly presenting . Check it out and let me know what you think!

For more info: http://