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Mama Ohandja is a Cameroonian singer, musical arranger, dancer and choreographer. In the early 1970s, he became the most prominent musician in the region to marry traditional music with modern international style. He is one of the last emblematic figure of the Cameroonian culture. Known as” Le Rossignol” which means “The nightingale” of his artist name.. After a long absence on stage, due to his fragile health, and been decorated by the Minister of Culture of the recent FENAC (National Festival of Arts & Culture), he is now back and wants to reconnect with his audience. He is now preparing to celebrate his 50th anniversary of career. An event that wants to be a success.
This event requires a fairly important help given the insecurity in which the Cameroonian artist lives, not a real care, without copyright, without a real status. your artist can only rely on you to ask for support .
For this event, Mama has planned a regional tour in Cameroon, visiting prisons, and orphanages.
This require financial assistance to ensure a good preparation of the said event scheduled to begin early October 2019 .

I thank you for stopping by and read through this story, and remember that your contribution is a great support.

Your help to raise this money mean a lot to me and much appreciated.