Help Susin Dental & Disabled YOU can Help GoFundME Campaign

I’m Susin. I’ve been dealing with some things that have really been tough lately and I found out very Quickly how fast things can turn up side down.

I was experiencing severe toothaches and gums were red and bleeding back in October. I’d been run down and really not feeling good for a while. I had carried a small Dental coverage from Humana because Being Disabled I’m not covered under my Medicare for Dental and Medicaid says that $1096.00 monthly is to much to live on to be eligible for their subsidiary insurance.So I took my little insurance policy to a very reputable Dentist office who I had been registered on their Rooster to be a client.

Long story short, sure enough my teeth were the cause for my poor health this time.( prior to this I’ve had 42 surgeries in 19 years) I suffer from Fibromyalgia & Lyme’s Disease. Dentist viewed my case and told me I’m lucky I went there because, The condition of my Oral situation could lead to Stroke and or Heart Disease and my gums where in really bad condition. So I scheduled appointment’s and on 12/23/2017 I had 16 teeth pulled and bone Graft’s in the top and bottom.

Help Susin, She Tried By Herself!!

The Holiday’s were a mess for me. All along I was paying for my Visits and Quickly starting to fall behind on my bills. Depression got to me really bad during this time due to the #MeToo movement. Threw me into a tailspin remembering especially during the holidays that I’m alone with no family because as a little girl 3 family member’s hurt me in the most Vile ways you can imagine. So that whole thing has really traumatized me again.( never really goes away)

I had a Bankruptcy in March 2017 from medical. I kept my car. I had to or they were going to slap leans in my little home that I own.

Help Susin, She Tried By Herself!!

I did get a Credit Care Card for 4,000 no interest for 12 months but it doesn’t cover all my dental care and If not paid back in the 12 months the interest is 29.99%.

Not good but had no choice once again.The total for Dentist is 6,500 and I’m behind on everything by 2 months now. Except Auto. One month there. So While I’m healing and struggling I fell behind on that Dental policy and got dropped. I’m doing this gofundme because I’m in trouble with my current situation and there is no other way to get out of this. Food has now become a luxury. I’m so happy I’m healing and I can smile with a little bit of confidence now.

I’ve been through an awful lot of things like we all have but I can’t loss everything I have because I tried to take care of myself health wise.

Help Susin, She Tried By Herself GoFundME Campaign

So Please I’m asking those who see this to please help me . Maybe give up a cup of Coffee today or tomorrow so I can get out of this mess without losing everything because of Medical again.

I don’t know what else to say or do but say Thank you to those who have helped and to those on the fence just do what you would want someone to do if it was you.

**Thank you for taking a look**
I’m at @BaileySusin and @Susin_Bailey on Twitter.
I will pay it forward when I’m able. I promise


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