Help Sofia and I Get to Mexico GoFundME Viral CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

My husband was detained and deported over an expired visa he was denied a fair trail. The judge refused to hear his case or anything pertaining why he should be able to stay. I was pregnant at the time and now we have a beautiful daughter whom he has only got to see via video. Because of him not getting due process in court and being deported i am losing everything. I am struggling to keep my bills paid alone. I am wanting to go to Mexico to be reunited with my Husband so we can raise our daughter together as a family.


No family should be separated. I am an American citizen but I would rather be in Mexico with my husband as a family than live in America and face the fear of my children being targeted because their skin color is different. Because of my child being mixed with hispanic i fear they may try to say she is not american and lock her in a cage with all the other children they have separated from their families. Please help me reunite my family



am the wife of Dario Nostroza Rojas. My husband was taken from me and our daughter. He is the sole care taker for me and her. They are trying to deport him. He has been with me for over two years and is a very hard working man. He has never been in trouble with the law or anyone else. He is just here trying to build a respectable life for us as a family. Now I am about to lose everything because he was taken away.

I have exhausted my financial resources looking for an attorney to help us as well as trying to get him a bond set. I no longer have the financial means to pay for my bills, an attorney nor his bond. Please help me bring him home. I am unable to work due to our newborn Daughter as well as health issues. Any money raised will go toward getting him home and keeping my bills paid and buying the necessities for our new born Daughter until he returns to us. I am in need of help and need him home before our time runs out.

I am about to lose our home because I don’t have the money to pay our rent. DARIO is respected and many people are outraged that he was taken away from us. Please help bring this loving father home. You can help by donating or sharing our story with as many people as possible. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. You will be helping bring a family back together. Dario has not been able tl hold his daughter in his arms nor kiss her or hug her. Please help me bring him home. His daughter and I both need him.

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