Help Save Her Home GoFundMe

My neighbor is in need of support. She has sold many of her personal belongings to help cover her medical expenses but now is going to be facing foreclosure of her home. She is in desperate need of saving. She could possibly be losing her home that she shared with her husband and children for over 30 years.

I’m asking for any and all the help that I can get to help make sure that she does not lose her home. Please help her keep her home and the memories that are in it.

Mary recently went thru several cancer treatments and her medical bills racked up to astronomical amounts. She has insurance but because of her age they only covered so much of the cost for her treatments and her surgery.

With all of the the bills that have piled up over $80,000 worth she has tried to do everything on her own and just simply can’t. She has tried to reach out for assistance but there is nothing that has been able to help her. I feel that it is our duty to help our elders when they have reached a point to where they can’t help themselves.

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