Help my son to have a normal life GoFundME Crowdfunding Campaign

Help my son to have a normal life GoFundME Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello my name is Anna. I live in England from 2007. I came here to save money for my studies, but I met my future husband and we stay.In 2012 we get married. In 2013 born our lovely son Alex. Was a normal child nothing indicated then in 3 years Alex will be sick.

In 2016 starts health problems my son doctors do not know what it with my son. My son went back in development. When he finished 3 years he stop do what he do before. He stopped repeating, he stopped seating simple worlds, he ate just porridge. We heart autism or adhd. All time we hear we do not know, now we can not help your son please wait.He need sensory therapy and speech and language therapy. He stopped talk was silence.

I still cry because I do not know what is it with my son, what I do wrong. All time I ask why my son. Why nobody does not help us, and left us alone whit this. In England we have just 3 appointment for all 2 years and a lot of time spent in the hospital. Every time they ask the same question and it ends. Always we hear please wait because is a lot of people waiting for help as well.Doctors tell us then our son does not get on the therapy. I do not want to hear from my son , why you did not help me on time when it was possible.

Now my son has 5 years and start to speak but he still need intensive therapy. He only speaks single words, he does not say full sentences like children of his age. We can do therapy but we need back to our country. Doctors still do not know what is my son. We do not have any help from them, everything we have to do alone, but we not a specialist.

We training at home, we still fight, but unfortunately our skills are not enough. We do not have house we do not have nothing there, but we have to back for our son Alex. Please help in funding my son’s therapy.Alex should start therapy now because he started to talk and the time is very important so we can not delay therapy. All money what we saved we spend for Alex therapy.

For two weeks in our country we spend £500 for my son therapy.He need one year therapy and rest of money we would like to spend for buy a house. Alex should back to our country because psychotherapist said that with his problem he should only speak one language.

2 months ago we been in our country. We do a lot of test and doctors tell us we can help your son but it is very long process. They tell us what they will be do step by step but you have to be in place.

Please help save my son and save money for therapy and buy a house which our family will be able to be happy. I am so grateful to all of you, thank you so much.




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