Help my friend in serious need GoGetFunding Booster Viral Exposure Campaign

I am raising funds for a close friend who has been suddenly landed into unexpected deep financial difficulty. Seeking everyone’s help to donate some funds to help this friend in need please…

It all started 2 weeks ago, when my friend found out that his business is headed for bankruptcy abruptly, due to some foul play by his business partner.

The business partner embezzled all liquidated funds from the business and went into hiding, and this caused the small company to go into very serious debt, much too swiftly and unexpectedly for my friend to be able to come up with a solution to handle it.

All of a sudden, the debtors, somehow realising the situation, are coming after him and pressing him to pay up, while the creditors are evading contact and payment, causing the problem to just go from bad to worse.

So far my friend has forked out every dollar he has, and yet he still cannot cope with and resolve this issue.

Very very unfortunately, the stress and deep anxiety he has been experiencing from being faced with this traumatic double-crossing and betrayal, has likely brought on the breakdown of his general health.

My friend has always been a hard worker, devoting much time and effort to his business, to the point of neglecting his health and well-being.

Now, with this situation, other than the fact that my friend is about to lose his business, his house, etc, my friend has started to encounter severe and acute medical issues.

Without warning, he started to bleed excessively and uncontrollably when he moves his bowels, and though he is worried, and as friends we have tried to advise him to seek medical help, my friend would not yield and seek out a doctor, as he feels that he really cannot spare the funds to seek medical treatment, preferring to keep his money to pay up the money he owes to the debtors first.

What makes things worse is that we can see that my friend is losing faith and hope, and is slowly spiraling into depression, as he cannot seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My friend has always devoted his life to others’ happiness and well being, always generous in reaching out his helping hands to others when others are in need. We want to be able to do the same for him, now that he is in serious need of help.

So here I am pleading to everyone to PLEASE help by donating some funds. Any amount will go a long way to help him with his financial and emotional burden. Please help me in showing him that there is yet HOPE and HUMANITY in this World. PLEASE HELP…. Thank you.

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