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Please help me to make Cancer a Chapter of my life and not the whole story of me!

Hello, my name is Karina. I was born in September of 2015 and I am just over a year and a half old. You are probably thinking that it was not possible for me to write this and I can’t. I’m barely able to hold my pen steady to scribble but all the same, I have a story to tell and a request to make.

I want to ask you for my life! I am telling you all this through my mom, who has been loving me so tenderly since I was born. After you read my story, I hope that your heart will be touched and moved and you too will also receive the blessing and love of the Universe!!

I would like to start off by making my first declaration – I am blessed. I am strong. I am unique! I am one of a kind! And I am God’s masterpiece!! And what’s more, I am alive with the will power and the desire to live the longest healthiest life I can!

Like many of you, I am born with a purpose. And I am very thankful for this as I am alive. I wake up every day in a warm bed with my most amazing mom by my bed side and birds singing by my window sill. There is always laughter, peace and love in my home. My grandparents visit me often. They read me stories every day. They are teaching me how to walk and to talk. Everyone loves me so dearly that there was not a single moment I do not feel joy. I would love to grow up in this peaceful home. I know that in this sweet little home, God is with us. I know there is a future in store for me to fulfill. I have dreams and a life mission. With the blessing of God, I know I can rely on your prayers to conquer my illness. I am fighting off Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and this is my first great challenge in life. With your blessings and encouragement, I have hope. And I know I can fight it off.

The bible said “We will eat the fruit of our words”. When I talk, I am planting seeds. And at some point, I am going to eat that fruit. I am not sure whether you understand what I want to say but here I am, telling you that I want to declare victory over cancer. Like every child, I want to live a normal healthy life. I promise to you and to God that I will develop my talents as I grow. I will make myself useful in this world.

I will become a woman with love, passions and generosity. I will assist the littlest ones whenever help is needed. I promise to pray to God to give you and your family the good health you also desire. I promise to be the person who encourages, challenges, makes others laugh, makes those who have lost their smiles feel better and happy. Life is full of possibilities. I declare that I want to grow up and live a cancer free life. I promise to be a possibility of love, hope, inspiration and joy to everyone that surrounds me.

If I can master my voice, I will sing you the most blissful of songs! If the muscles of my hands and feet can support me, I will show you my creative talents to inspire you so that I can earn your donations to help pay for my bone marrow transplant. But I know you won’t ask me to earn money to pay for my medical procedure as you are compassionate. You are reading my message. Your heart responds to my suffering and you are willing to give just a very little to help me to live a cancer free life! Please allow me to ask you for a donation – for any amount that you can spare. And please also allow me to ask you to share my story with people you know! Please allow God to let my story touch, move and inspire them so that they can also help fulfill my dream of living a normal healthy life. You can do all of this by making a small donation to help me!

As one of the proverbs says, ” A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” Here I want to make my last declaration by blessing you who have taken pity on me and sent me money to helo. May god delight in your kindness and your charity and give you the desires of your heart!

Thank you for helping to make cancer only a chapter of my life, not the whole story of me!

You can follow the link below to donate and support my fundraising campaign for my bone marrow transplant! May God bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work!! Thank you for your generous gift!!

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