Help Me Get A Service Dog GoFundME Booster

I have suffered from PTSD and Anxiety since I was a child. This has prevented me from fully participating in my own life and the lives of my kids. I have difficulty attending school functions or even the fair with them as it sets off panic attacks. It is difficult to just function day by day.

The fourth of July when I was 11 my grandmother was raped and murdered by the 17 year old boy who lived next door. That day we had a family BBQ and I was supposed to go home with her. At the last minute I changed my mind because I wanted to stay in town and hand out with my friends. I have had to deal with crippling guilt since that day as I have always believed that if I had gone home with her I would have been able to save her.

The last 18 months have been especially hard for me, both my father and my mother passed away after long illnesses. I also have recently learned that the man who killed my grandmother is due to be released this fall This has made my PTSD even more difficult to deal with as it has brought all of my childhood fears to the surface.

The amount that I am trying to raise will cover the training of my service animal, any vet costs while my service dog is being trained, travel expenses to go and have learn how to work as a team with my dog and anything else that might come up. Any funds that I raise above my needs I will donate to help others who may need help with obtaining their service animal.