Help Mack GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

Hello my name is Mack. I am about a year old. The man that owned me threw threw me and kicked me so hard it broke my left knee joint and left me crippled. The vet estimated the surgery that I need to fix my leg will cost about $1500.

A nice lady tried to intervene on my behalf and he told her that I was his dog and he would treat me however he wanted and to mind her own business. Well a couple of weeks ago he left in her backyard in the middle of the night. When she went to find out why he did that she discovered my nightmare.

He would go off and leave me and my little buddy locked in his trailer for days at a time with no food or water. If we had an accident because we couldn’t get outside. He would kick and beat us. When we became afraid of him and would not come to him he would beat and kick us for not coming when we were called.

In some ways I was luckier that my little buddy – when he kicked me and broke my leg he also kicked my little buddy so hard that he died.

The nice lady and her husband are an elderly couple living on Social Security and are in very bad health. No way can they afford my surgery without help.

This is a two fold campaign – because of their health issues they can not give me the care and attention that I need, so I also need a forever home. If you decide to give me that home any money that is raised will be transferred to you to help take care of my medical need.

I would very much like a forever home with people that will love me. I would really love to have some kids to play with.