Help Loretta to See GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

This sweet 8 year old dog was adopted by my step-daughter and her daughters after she had been in the shelter for 2 weeks. No-one wanted Loretta because she’s blind (according to the shelter).

After my step-daughter, Jo, took Loretta for her first doctor’s visit, she was told that there was about a 95% chance of Loretta seeing again. The doctor said that Loretta’s retinas look good but she has cataracts. Jo needs to take Loretta to a specialist to see if an eye operation could be successful.

Loretta is a very sweet dog and doesn’t allow her lack of sight to stop her. When Loretta bumps into things, she just keeps going. She’s so full of life and really deserves to have her sight fully restored.

This precious dog means a LOT to my step-daughter even though she’s only had Loretta for a few weeks. She’s everything Jo wants in a dog – a great and loving companion to share her life with.

Jo is a single mother to her 2 girls, Brianna (16) and Amy (12) and had been desperately wanting another dog – especially as her last dog, Bill, passed on 2 years previously.

Not only will Jo and her girls really appreciate any financial help that is given, it will also mean so much to them for Loretta to have better sight.

How absolutely WONDERFUL it will be for Loretta to be able to see properly so she doesn’t bump into things anymore.