Help Lor Linda save her home GoFundME Campaign

I have documentation to prove my case and cancer also income, and my child’s permanent disability on request:

Just going through cancer in 2017…now my special needs daughter and I have been abandoned by the man that I was married to.
The court system is making me pay him $95,000 to give back his part, which really isn’t what he paid into it, but because he has an attorney he’s leaving with a lot more money then what he put into our home (He wants his money in a lump sum) very cold hearted.

They don’t care about my daughters situation or mine, because it wasn’t his daughter she don’t count. But I don’t have that kind of money and I’m trying to keep my daughter and I in our home. I’m believing for a miracle The cost of living is so high now and I’m only given a certain amount of time to come up with the money 60 days…so I’m looking for ways to make money so that my daughter and I can stay in our home.

I am only able to work part time because I can’t leave her alone. This is very humbling for me to even ask, but I am taking a risk working a part time job which isn’t ideal for her situation, but what else am I supposed to do? I don’t have a choice, the law has changed they don’t care about your situation.

They only care about what he has paid into the marriage and then some….I can’t afford paying an ongoing attorney to fight my case. He has an attorney. And the law doesn’t care about your situation or the fact that I have a special needs daughter that shouldn’t be left alone. So it is very complicated.

I am trying my best to do my part, but limited because of my daughter. Through no fault of her own. I’m too ashamed to ask anybody I know.

So I’m hoping that someone who is blessed with plenty, would show us some mercy. Even a dollar adds up….I feel like a fool for asking but it’s called survival.

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