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Two years ago, our son Jacob was diagnosed with a rare orthopedic disease called Perthes Disease. Jacob is now 8 years old. This disease causes the top of the femur (femoral head) to die and break off. When Jacob was diagnosed, his femoral head was completely flat and gone, leaving no connection to his hip socket. He has had several surgeries since then. Now the femoral head has grown back, but it’s too big and doesn’t fit in the hip socket. He must have surgery to prevent further damage and allow him to walk without pain. Unfortunately, the only “fix” in the U.S. involves 2 major surgeries with metal plates, screws, and blood transfusions. We don’t feel this is appropriate. Therefore, we have found the world’s expert in Perthes Disease in Lisbon, Portugal. This surgeon’s procedure is much less invasive with shorter recovery time. This will likely be Jacob’s last surgery until a Total Hip Replacement in adulthood.

We are hoping to travel to Lisbon, Portugal next month. We must pay $13,000 out of pocket for the surgery and travel is even more! We have started a YouCaring fundraiser to help with these expenses. Any amount will help us get the best treatment and cure for our son.

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate prayers and support!