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Our sweet little Henry started with back pain on Thursday evening. Then yesterday , Friday, his pain became worse and he was not able to move his hind legs.

We made a trip to the ER and they said that surgery was his only option. Well me being a nurse, I needed a second opinion. So Henry saw his vet this morning and she recommends the same thing…surgical intervention.

Obviously Henry doesn’t carry health insurance and Adam and I are extended to the max on our credit. The cost averages between $3000-$4000. I am pleading with you all to help me with whatever you can.

I will have to stay home with home through his recovery as well. He’s only 4 years old and extremely healthy other than his current situation. He’s my baby boy and everyone knows how much of an animal advocate I am.

Please help us get my Henry back to running in his backyard and playing with his fur brothers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.