Help Heather Save Kittens

Hi, I’m Heather Carr and I foster kittens. Over the course of this past year I fostered 61 Kittens. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’m completely hooked, I can’t imagine not having foster kittens in my home. I imagine I will only stop when I become too old to care for them.

This past kitten season was a rough one though. I turned a spare bedroom into a dedicated foster room but there were just so very many kittens needing foster homes, at one point I had 13 foster kittens in my home! I had them set up in every room in my house. We just don’t have enough people in our community fostering and I can’t say no to kittens in need.

There was devastating heartbreak as well. Within a 3 month period I lost 7 kittens, 3 to panleukopenia, 1 to complications from severe diarrhea, and 3 to pneumonia. I have 1 in my care now, Saiba, who has been struggling since the end of May with eye infections, URI, and underdevelopment. She’s laying on my stomach right now as I type this, she has taken another turn for the worse this past week and she is my inspiration for starting this campaign, the thought of losing another kitten is crushing.

This is the hardest part of fostering, having sick kittens you are desperately trying to save yet you lose them despite all your efforts. But there is equipment out there that can be very helpful and can potentially save lives that otherwise might be lost.

And that is why I started this campaign. I’m trying to raise funds to purchase the Pet Brooder ICU so I can better help the really sick fosters and hopefully save their lives instead of losing them. I sincerely wish I had the money to just purchase it myself, but I just don’t. I would be MOST grateful for any donations to help purchase this life-saving unit so I’m reaching out to all of you to help me help them.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

Heather Carr

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