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My name is Temitayo O Adegoke, am 22 yrs, the first of four kin and am a postgraduate understudy of Coventry University, as of now running my LLM .

As far back as I was little I have dependably had a fantasy to wind up plainly a legal advisor and to battle for equity in the interest of the human race.To have an edge over my companions my parent attempted to ensure I got taught in Nigeria and I needed to encourage my instruction to go to graduate school and get an ace degree which my folks upheld and they got advances and worked enthusiastically to get the fund to send me to another country to the Uk

not long after I touched base in the United Kingdom, the organization my mom was working at was proclaimed bankrupt because of the financial retreat that we confronted, henceforth she lost her occupation and pay turned out to be tight as I had three more youthful ones who are in the college in Nigeria and they need to cater to them

my father business has drastically backed off once more because of the financial retreat and the conversion scale. they were not able to bolster me anymore and I needed to discover an exit plan, I landed a position where I work each night 5 days seven days while I go to addresses amid the day. this hasn’t been simple and it’s inflicting significant damage on my wellbeing. I have raised an aggregate sum of 8000 pounds which I have a payout of 12000 pounds.

Presently the adjust is 4018 pounds which I have to pay before I complete my paper toward the finish of September as graduation is in November

I would welcome each way of help you can render me and sympathetically place me in your petitions as I will probably get a qualification and make my parent pleased

Tragically, Due to unexpected conditions, I won’t have the capacity to graduate with my companions if can’t pay my residual educational cost to adjust. God favour you all….Any gift size would have an enduring effect
Evidence above……