Help Gavin live a normal life GoFundMe Viral Exposure Campaign

Gavin was found on the streets alone, starving, and afraid. We decided to take him in as our own because he has such a great personality and is such a loveable little guy. Upon taking him in Gavin showed clear signs of abuse, had worms, and was starving. We have done our best to take good care of him and throughout the past few months he’s gotten a lot better. Unfortunately, we began to notice strange behavior from him. Gavin will have bouts of extreme lethargy, restlessness, and shivers. Some nights he doesn’t sleep at all because he is pacing all night long. We took him to a vet to possibly find out the cause and were told he is exhibiting signs of a liver shunt and surgery could possibly be needed. The purpose of this fundraiser is to get the funds needed for gavins ultrasound as well as his potential surgery. Any funds that are not used will be donated to PAWS and I will provide proof of the donation. Gavin does not deserve to suffer or die because of a shitty owner who left him stranded.

Please help Gavin out by sharing this post or donating…. Every dollar truly does count towards his recovery.

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