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Danae Sibert is one of the most incredible women you will ever meet. She is full of life and giving. All of her life she has given freely of yourself, inspiring men and women to create and live amazing lives. This incredible woman is making this world a better place and she has so much more work to do…and now she needs your help.

On May 3, 2016 Danae was diagnosed with stage IIIc ovarian cancer…Ovarian cancer is the 4th leading cause of death for women…She pubilicly shared with the world her cancer journey. She had major surgery and her struggle going through agrressive chemo…and now…Cancer is back chemo is not a realistic option (her last chemo results only lasted 6 months)…however there is hope for Danae. There are some incredible cancer treatments currently in other countries that have saved the lives of many people….On July 24 Danae will head to the Hope4Cancer Center and now she needs your help (insurance pays for none of this)…She is determined to get through this and has dedicated her life to changing the face of cancer treatment.

Your donation will be presented directly to Danae to pay for her treatment (3 weeks of intensive therapy) and her travel expenses.

Danae has always been the giver of help…Now she needs your help…Please join Team D.O.P.E (Danae’s Opinionated Panel of Experts) and help and incredible woman on her journey…and please share…There is so much more living she has and people’s lives to touch and inspire.


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