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Christopher Lee Niles; husband, brother, uncle, best friend, animal lover and much much more, is a very talented independent artist in the Bitteroot Valley, MT Chris was just handed devastating news:

He has Melanoma Cancer, and it is Stage 4.

This diagnosis is a total unexpected shock, turning Chris and his wife Barb’s world upside down.

It’s likely he had melanoma on the skin that went undetected. Melanoma will eventually make its way into the body, usually affecting the lung, and then the liver. In early March 2017, Chris went for a seemingly unrelated, rather routine medical appointment resulting in his doctor recommending an MRI. Within a week, those results came back showing a small growth on a lung, in addition to several masses on his liver. After the discovery, a biopsy of the liver tissue was performed, which showed his diagnosis to be advanced Melanoma Cancer.

Knowing he was facing an extremely tough battle, Chris searched for answers from others who had been in his condition and had succeeded in becoming free of tumors and were in remission. He began researching his condition and determined the best approach would be through immunology treatment.

Time at this stage is so critical. The medical bills are of course already piling up quickly. Just one PET scan runs up a quick $8,000. These and other medical procedures will be an ongoing expense during this battle.

Because of the advanced stage, Chris is working on building his immune system and through a special very rigorous diet routine of carefully selected and planned ingredients, he is determined to chase the cancer out of his body. With this holistic approach and the help of his wife Barb, they spend 4 to 5 hours each and every day very carefully preparing timed meals that he must follow as part of a very comprehensive routine. With the time and energy demands of his daily routine it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue to keep up with his business. He specializes in one of a kind hand carved wood doors and mantles etc…
See Chris’s unique art here:

It tears us up to think everything he has put so much love and personal time into creating could suddenly be taken away by this killer disease – Cancer.

Reality is Chris has now found himself “suddenly” up against what is by far the biggest challenge of his life. This does not affect Chris alone, rather his whole family. And together as family we join in support and encouragement as we are on this journey with him.

Chris is the brother who puts down what he is doing to listen and understand what is going on in your life offering encouragment and turn your frown upside down. He’s the uncle that takes you by the hand and teaches you how to enjoy things life, whether it’s rowing around the lake during family reunions to look at the lilies, or teaching his nieces and nephews how to catch the big one, or land a hole-in-one. He’s the loving caring husband who turns a house into a warm inviting home with more love than one can imagine. He’s done more for his family than we can express, and has a larger impact on our lives than he may even realize.

We must believe he will win this fight.

With so much to lose, we desperately need your help. We are very humbled to place such a personal diagnosis and story online, but we also recognize that sometimes it’s in these difficult moments when heroes are made. We, his family are asking for your support. Words of encouragement help, as well as advice and guidance are appreciated during this time. Through your donation, you’re not just donating to some guy on the internet. Your donating to a very loving family, and we would be humbled again to see our tree hold strong through your outside support.

We thank you in advance for your time, generosity, and greatly appreciate the support received thus far.

Together, we will become one to help build and strengthen our brother in this critical time of need.

Please Help Chris Carve Out Cancer.

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