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URGENT!!! We need help. If we do not raise $5,000 ASAP the bunnies who call Doctor Doogs’s Bunny Pharm home will no longer have a home. Most of the bunnies here are elder buns, buns who spent the majority of their lives in shelters, buns who would likely not be able to be adopted out should they be returned to shelter life. We began our sanctuary to provide these “unadoptable/hard to adopt” bunnies a home where otherwise they might never know one. Ken has been out of work since March and I foolishly believed that if I worked hard enough to make DDBP more successful that I could make up for this loss in income. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the promises I made to these bunnies are kept. There are 44 bunnies who call DDBP home…I know there is not enough rescue space out there to accomodate them; I CANNOT be a part of the problem I have fought so hard against. I have dedicated 13 years of my life to the betterment of bunny lives. If I fail these 44 precious babies, my entire life will be defined by this failure and I will never be able to redeem myself, to make it up to the 44 lives I ruined, to live. Please, I am begging for your help. I know $5000 is a lot and my plea is probably futile but we are down to the wire and have no other options left to explore. If you can help in any way please donate here.