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On Wednesday September 29th at 9:17 my brother Zephan was crossing the street coming home and got hit by a SUV. It was going 40 MPH and after laying on the hood he flew 80 feet. Paramedics rushed to the scene. He had to get stitches in his head. Has fractures to his spine, hips, pelvis and one of the bones in his leg. His hip muscles came unattached and is very painful. His lung got air between where it inflates.

Luckily the spinal damage was very minimum and did not get to the spinal cord. His left leg may need surgery in next two weeks. Along with bruises and road rash. He is VERY luck to have such minor injuries. He was able to be released from the hospital on Saturday October 1st.
This healing process will take a while, 5 weeks without surgery and several months if surgery is needed.

For the time being he is staying with a friend since we have an apartment on the second floor and with 10 stairs there is no way that he can get up, let alone back down the stairs. That means that between the hours of 7pm and 8am I can not care for him the way he needs. His leg can not bend and he has to be helped in and out of bed and needs help using the bathroom and bathing. The pain pills make him sick and he forgets to take them because they make him loopy an causing him more pain.

Your support would help us move out of our second story apartment where its unsafe for Zephan to be. Our current apartment is ($1300) ($700 rent, $700 deposit, $300 moving costs) and no stairs so that Zephan can come home and be with him family.

We have two kids (6 and 8) who miss their daddy and are still coping with his accident. My youngest started wetting the bed which has never happened. They are so much happier when they can see him and not worry about him.

We’ve been together 7 years and we’ve never spent this much time apart. Zephan is the only father my eight year old daughter has ever known.
Please help reunite my family after this terrible accident.

We would be so thankful to anyone who can find it in their hearts to help our family.

Please help us