Asking for help is never easy however; I have been searching for my brother for almost my entire life. In 1976 myself age 6 and my brother age 9 lost our mother to suicide & our father was not mentally stable to care for us kids so the state pulled us out of our home, and separated us via foster homes.

Thanks to years of endless Google searches, and the help of facebook I came across a man named Dave Lessard that once knew him and was also trying to reconnect. So 41 years later I finally found some pieces of my brother! A couple years after my first encounter with Dave it finally happened he had found Gary Lee! Gary was alive & well and was excited to hear from me. Very anxiously, and nervously I called him, it was like the 41 years fell away, and the bond we have had never broke. Once separated by the state in 1976 we were now finally reunited in 2017 THANKS TO DAVE (in picture). I flew down to see him in Panama City Florida.

When I arrived it was very clear we defiantly lived very different lives. My brother is homeless He was sleeping in the woods, and upgraded to a storage shed no bigger than my closet at home ☹ He has only the clothes on his back, and a few toiletries in his backpack & a bike. I was able to buy him some new work boots he needed, and a few essentials while I visited. It breaks my heart to think he lives this way. He works as a handyman for a few very nice families that I met & if it weren’t for them he would be lost. He just doesn’t make enough to get back on his feet & he doesn’t have health Insurance.

The working homeless population is growing rapidly. Finding any kind of work, which can be an important step on a path out of homelessness, is tough for anybody without an address and all the social stigmas attached. Landlords don’t have to accept housing assistance. Shelters are often at capacity. He is now currently staying in an old abandoned restaurant. With the money I raise, I would like to do the following….

1.) Get him to PA to be with me spend our first Holiday together in 40 some years.

2.)I would like to get him some new clothes, boots, sneakers & essentials that he needs a pre paid cell phone to keep in touch.

3.)I need to get him into see a family Dr for a long overdue check up & an eye Dr. for eye glasses & also he has something wrong with one eye so maybe have that looked at.

4.) I would also like to get him to New York to visit with our family he has not seen in a very very long time. As just knowing he is alive means so much to us! They are thrilled we have found each other, and cannot wait to reunite.

One step at a time and one day at a time, but I would love to be able to help him get a little apartment, & furnish it to help him start over fresh here in PA as life is cheaper here an he is willing to work.

I love my Big Brother so much, and he needs to be home with his family.

So with that being said Please help me bring my brother home to his family by the holidays. It does actually get cold at night in Panama City, and I can’t imagine what it will be like to be out there all winter.

Any little bit will help & very much appreciated. Please share my story in hopes to reach my goal.

Thank you, and god Bless


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