Help Bring Fiancée and children to U.S GoFundME Campaign

I am raising money in order to pay for the USCIS and lawyer fees to bring my soon to be wife and step children from Colombia, South America. My family has left their country of Venezuela, which is currently in an economic and political crisis, and moved to Colombia where they have found a better and stable economy.

Colombia isn’t like Venezuela where food is scarce and constant power outages disrupt daily activities, but is still a country where violence and drugs are a common occurrence.

I met my fiancée in Colombia, and fell in love with her and our children. I want to take them away from all that and give them a better chance at having a better life, filled with more opportunities and options where they can choose their path, instead of only having one.

I’d appreciate any help since this is a very expensive process where government fees cannot be made into a payment plan or waived in any form.

Thank you for taking the time to read and if you did help, I will be forever in your debt and forever thankful.

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