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I am collecting money to pay for the surgery to my son Arseniy Eranosyan. My son used to dream of becoming a professional football player. Now Arseny is 15 years old, and he can’t walk. When Arseny was 10.5 years old, the doctors diagnosed him with a congenital pathology of the spinal cord. Because of this pathology, my son’s legs were badly deformed.

Urgent surgery is needed. American orthopedic surgeon Dror Paley promises to fix Arseny’s legs and give him the opportunity not only to walk normally, but also to run! But the operation is very expensive for us! We can’t pay for it ourselves! Therefore
we ask help! We appeal to all good people to help return our son a happy healthy life.


Dear friends, get to know Arseny Eranosyan. He is 15 years old.

Arseny is a son of my good friend Natalie. He desperately needs your help.

Arseny is suffering from congenital defect of the spinal cord, a rare condition that caused his inability to walk. I am addressing you as a friend of Arseny’s Mom, sharing her plea for help in financing a life changing surgery.

Arseny’s Story

” Mom, I just want to walk again!”
. Arseny’s hopes and dreams were to play football, now he just wants to walk…

Ambitions, plans, and aspirations … the most important thing for all parents is to see your child happy and healthy. And it hurts so much when all the hopes, all the dreams collapse overnight…

Arseny grew up a healthy, strong and cheerful child. He has played sports since he was 4 years old: swimming, judo, track….

Our son grew up an active child.


But football really grew on him! By the age of 8 Arseny knew almost everything about football: all football clubs and national teams, players and coaches, closely followed the transfers, watched a lot of matches and listened to football reviews, read books on the history of football and studied the biographies of players and coaches. And, of course, he always played – in the yard with friends, in the school team.

One of the first football awards…

The coach of the children’s sports school, once saw Arseny playing and said: “This guy will make a good goalkeeper – he has an excellent reaction, and he is not afraid of the ball!”

Best Goalkeeper Award!
Beach football competitions.
At the Cup of the Commonwealth

So our son became the goalkeeper of one of the leading city teams. Senya tried his best to meet the expectations of the coach: he trained a lot, began conditioning himself to the cold and started doing a course for goalkeepers. So he dreamed of a football career… He had no doubts about who he wanted to become – a professional football player!

Mini-football tournament.

But his dreams were never fulfilled…

Arseny was only 10 years old when we began to notice that our son sometimes walks on his tiptoes, and the arch of his feet has increased. We went to the doctors. We could not imagine WHAT awaits us!…Doctors, hospitals, endless diagnostics, doubts, lack of accurate diagnose and, a year later, shocking findings… my son was found with a congenital malformation of the spinal cord: a lipoma in the spinal cord, as well as a tethered cord. This is a rare pathology, which is characterized by the limited mobility of the spinal cord, which affects the nerve roots. They lose the ability to transmit nerve impulses to the leg muscles. The feet begin to bend.

Shock. Fear. Lots of questions to the doctors… from that moment Arseny has begun a completely different life … a life, which substituted doctors, hospitals and more hospitals for sports, friends, going to the movies and walking. After the first operation on the spinal cord, doctors assured us that the torment is over. A year and a half of rehabilitation and, contrary to the promises of doctors, relapse – tethered spinal cord. And another complex neurosurgical operation, after which the list of problems only increased- the nerve roots responsible for the work of the pelvic organs were damaged …

In the hospital, right after the surgery…


In hospital, allowed to get up

And again daily physical therapy! And again the struggle for the health of our son, the struggle for his life as it was before, the life of his hopes and dreams… And a painful search for the answers to his questions: “Why did this happen? Why me? When will I be healthy again? Why can’t the doctors help?»…

5 years of struggle. What is the result? Today, Arseny can hardly walk! When walking, his legs are very sore, he has severe equina cavovarus deformities of both feet, they practically do not grow, scoliotic posture is being formed.

Arseny now.

Arseny can’t walk

Over the past year we have applied to many Russian and foreign doctors. In their opinion, an urgent neuro-orthopedic operation is needed. But their forecasts are disappointing: even after the operation the child will still not be able to walk normally, will remain disabled for life…

We could not come to terms with this, and searched on the Internet and social networks for a surgeon who finally gave US HOPE for the recovery of our son! This is American orthopedic surgeon Professor Dror Paley. He is ready to correct the defect of Arseny’s legs and allow our son not only to walk normally but even to run! To be honest, our whole family did not expect to be given such hopes. Yes, Senya will not return to professional sports … But he has a chance to live a full, healthy life and play football with his friends in the yard!

Only the price of this life is too high – $193000. We do not have insurance and are unable to pay the full amount for the treatment. Therefore, I am forced to ask for help from you – people with a good heart and soul!

I still can’t believe this is happening to us. It seems that this is just a dream, a nightmare, and I’m about to Wake up! But, unfortunately, this is a harsh reality! At the moment the health and happiness of our only son depend on your help and God’s mercy!

The surgery at Dr. Paley is scheduled for January 22, 2019. We must transfer funds to the clinic before December 22, 2018. There is very little time left! But we believe in a miracle! Christmas is coming very soon! And at Christmas miracles happen!

We will be eternally grateful for any help! Believe me, any amount donated by you will help Arseny to regain the happiness of healthy life! He will be able to walk again, walk with friends, travel and, of course, play his favorite sport! You can help our son regain his self-confidence and faith!

YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP! And you can become the real Christmas wizards for my son!

We are so close to the end of this difficult journey, and we cannot complete it without your help.

With boundless maternal gratitude, Natalia.


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