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Hi,…My name is Mike Patten. I have the sweetest mini schnauzer ever. Recently he developed diabetes. We regularly take him to the vet and he was quickly diagnosed, prescribed specialized food and vetsulin injections.

It is now well managed and under control. Recently we started to notice a cloudiness building up in his eyes. Our Vet. Referred us to a K9 ophthalmologist where he was diagnosed with cataracts. He informed us that K9’s with diabetes often develop cataracts and can be repaired. Then the bomb dropped. $6000! $1200 of which is pre-op testing. Then the actual surgery is $4800. I initially thought we would have time to save the money but just having spent $5800 on our son Jack’s braces.

He informed us that a small dog with cataracts eyes will continue to swell internally causing damage and pain beyond what surgery can repair. So this has to happen FAST. I am really stuck here. If you knew me, you would know I try to help people and loathe asking for anything but I am stuck here and I do not know where to turn. Please, a $25 donation from many people will help us reach our goal. His name is Freddie and he is very energetic and playful. Now he mopes around, lays and just whines. He often wakes and does nor know where he is. He is SO sweet. He is a “mamas boy” and just loves to be in the same room with her. We often joke that the song “ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” is Freddie’s song. If you listen to the words,…it’s classic Freddie.

Please help us! The Dr. said his eyes are still intact in the back and is now still a candidate for surgery but we must hurry. So his eyes are not destroyed. Which would mean severe pain, eye removal (which we can not afford either) or euthanasia. Which for us is not an option. He is a family member. Had I been able to see the future, I would have put the kid off a few months with the braces and got the surgery, THEN the braces. I know how things work. I often organize fundraiser car shows and donate to many charities. Due to bad timing, We are really stuck.

I Thank everyone for even taking the time to read this. I am truly humbled by the donations received so far. I thank you and Freddie thanks you!