I’m a mother of 4 beautiful boys 9, 5, 4, and 1. I am also pregnant with twins due january 8th and I had to leave my home, job, and most of my belongings in florida because of Hurricane Irma. Two of my boys have mental and medical issuse and i couldnt risk being without electricity so as fast as i could i got out of there and came to chicago where I’m currently staying with family. And for obvious reasons cant last much longer. And as you can imagine with 4 kids and being towards the end of a high risk pregnancy saving isn’t exactly an easy task especially on what was my income but I’ve managed to make it this far. But Ms. Irma has really kicked me in the behind. I have nothing but the clothes I came to chicago with and i have found myself in a situation where I need as much help as possible because i cannot work until cleared by my doctor. So with a humble heart, faith in god and humanity I ask for your help to get us back on our feet before holidays. Please anything would help either being contributing to this gofundme even just a dollar or donationing baby items. Thank u so much for u time and help!