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Tupelo-Lee Humane society is a local animal shelter in Tupelo, Mississippi that is partially funded by the city of Tupelo, but mostly functions on donations from the public, due to not being federally funded.

Because of this, we cannot freely treat major medical issues as soon as they arise, the most prominent being heartworms.

Being so easily transmissible by mosquitoes and lack of heartworm prevention, many of our animals have heartworms and due to the cost of the treatments, we simply cannot afford to treat every animal as soon as they test positive for the condition.

We work off of donations and people sponsoring these treatments, which helps greatly, but we simply get overwhelmed with the amount of animals that need these very important treatments. Without these treatments, heartworms can be fatal.

We hope to raise enough money to treat all of our animals that are heartworm positive so that they can live on for many years and find their way to their forever homes.

We ask for your help and support in treating these four-legged miracles and giving them a better life!

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