HealthCare The Ultimate Investment Time to Invest in Health Project

HealthCare The Ultimate Investment Time to Invest in Health Project

HealthCare The Ultimate Investment Time to Invest in Health Project

LONDON, UK – Bitcoin, stocks, property. Let’s face it, everyone is so concerned of enriching themselves that they forget to think about what state of mind they would be at once they have accumulated all that assets. You may be around physically yes, but did it ever occur to you if everything would be ok “upstairs”.

Our mental health should be a priority as well. The state of our emotional well-being affects how we think, feel and act on a daily basis. It has a direct impact on our quality of life, influencing how we handle stress, make decisions and relate to people

A great way of keeping mental health in shape is meditation. The idea of meditation is gradually becoming more mainstream, with a growing body of scientific evidence supporting its practice. Meditation helps you to become more present in the moment, which counteracts our natural tendency to ruminate and overthink. It also helps us to become less reactive to the things happening around us. Here’s the kicker – the practice of meditation actually changes your brain structure. In the long run, meditation rewires your brain for better memory, sense of self, empathy, and an increased ability to cope with stress.

A popular way that could be therapeutic is Social Media. We are spending more time than ever on social media, with the average person spending more than two hours per day on social media platforms. There has been an increasing number of studies demonstrating the negative impacts of social media on our mental health, such as increased risk of depression, anxiety and suicide. One reason could be due to the effect of social comparison. Social media is basically an endless feed of the best moments of others’ lives, which gives us an unrealistic impression of how life should be. This makes other people’s lives seem much preferable to our own.

It also makes us feel as if our negative emotions are unacceptable. Be aware of how social media makes you feel, and start establishing your own boundaries with it. Do certain profiles inspire you positively, or make you feel down about yourself? Do you genuinely enjoy seeing travel photos, or feel upset being reminded that you are not travelling anywhere soon? Plan a digital detox from time to time, or simply, strive to lead a life that is more exciting than what you post on social media.

These tips are all well and good, but there is a more efficient and effective way to do so and that is Cream Stone Healthcare. They integrate health services to improve the well-being of people within communities. We serve our community with a variety of health interventions and meet their physical, emotional, social, mental and family needs after hospital discharge.

You can help them go full blast on this noble cause. If only Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) would jump in and support being the top manufacturer of mental health drugs but that is not the case. Do visit their Crowdfunder page and help make a difference.

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