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I am a Registered Nurse in San Diego California, and I working on a project of building hospital, and Allied School of Health in my Native Land Sierra Leone, which is located on the west coast of Africa.

This is a picture of the first phase of my building project that My family and I have funded. I aim to have 4 more buildings ( hospital, Pharmacy, Research Center and School if Allied Health.) I am pleading to all for all to help me with this great project. Sierra Leone is a beautiful West African country that is mountainous and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Sierra Leoneans are one of the kindest, loving and hospitable people on this earth. However, they are in dire need of hospitals, pharmacy, diagnostic labs, and allied school of health school.

This will also help with jobs for Sierra Leoneans. So please please help me to save the lives of Sierra Leoneans, and make this project a success by donating. Also, I am inviting anyone interested to please come along with me to Sierra Leone to see this project and maybe volunteer.

Thank you very much for your anticipated help.

May God bless you all.


Media Contact:
Anthionette Kamara
Twitter: @Ramie4love
(925) 550-0915

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