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We are members of the facebook group called Rant HQ. As the name suggests, we rant . We have a laugh. We argue. We disagree. We mind our business…well we try . Rant HQ is the Facebook chill out lounge. Rant HQ is the Social Media Comic Relief! #thatisourstoryandwearestickingwithit! Why go to therapy when you can have us for free? We would listen if no one else want to. We won’t take away your sorrows(we are not jollof rice!) but you will surely feel better letting out your frustrations and anger. Come to us and rant or vent and free your soul. You will thank me later. If you’re not in Rant HQ then you shouldn’t even be on facebook. #arguewithyourkeyboard

Beyond the ranting, we are concerned about the needs around us. We raise money charity and call it #RantGives. The London event will be our second event. The first was in Lagos and was a huge success. From donations and money realised from the event we visited and made a donation to the RED CROSS ORPHANAGE in Lagos.

The chosen charities for #RantEventLondon are Great Ormond Street in London and Black Diamond Foundation in Nigeria.

Rant HQ will support Great Ormond’s Street quest to continue to provide expert medical care to very sick children Black Diamond’s aim to provide books to 5,000 underprivileged children in Nigeria.

Please don’t forget to get your free ticket by registering your interest at

Thanks for your support and see you on the 12th of November

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