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My outreach ministry, Books For Blessings (booksforblessings.com) has befriended a man we will call RK for now until he is comfortable and if/when he wants to reveal his identity. For now he has no political leanings, religious beliefs, race, sexual orientation, nationality or any other identifiable factors.

However. He is a human in need.

My question to you is does his life matter at all to you?

This man is a widower who has fallen into hard times. He is a SAE Certified car mechanic (verified) looking for work. In the mean time, his home has been damaged over the years and has various degrees of degradation in the construction of his home. Our goal is to fix his home up making it safe and secure. Our goal is not to make it fancy. I have been through a few home renovations and know the work that it is going to take. We are arranging the labor for the repairs and we have businesses involved which are providing deep discounts on product to make our dollars stretch. Please visit our GoFundMe page for RK. I promise full transparency into how the money is being spent with receipts and pictures of the repair process so you can follow along.

I am standing in the gap for him because honestly I’m not sure if he can stand for himself at the moment. Take a moment and look at the pictures and pray about it. if you are so moved, please provide a donation to help us help him get back on his feet. Our initial goal is $4000. He has a 1120 sf home and needs a new roof, insulation above the ceiling and under the floor, a few windows, wallboard repairs, some plumbing issues, and perhaps foundation/pillar improvements.

If we go over that we will donate it to non-profits in the area such as United Way and Home Habitat UNLESS you want the gentleman to have the rest of the money.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity. If you know of any churches, non-profits, or businesses which would like to donate building materials, please have them contact me directly for more information.

It’s time to unite this great country again. This is a fine place to start. Let’s save a life.